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How to add nexogy’s Click-to-Dial Chrome extension:

  1. While using Chrome download your extension and add it here
  2. Once the Extension is added right click on the icon on the top right and select Options:
  3. Screen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_12.39.25_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_12.39.12_PM.png

  4. Enter your given Username and Password (Portal Credentials), and Country then click Save:
  5. Refresh your Browser
  6. Numbers will start appearing like this:  numbers.jpg 
  7. Once you click the number, you will receive a confirmation that your device is dispatching the call: clicktocall.jpg
  8. Answer your ringing device to establish the call:   Requirements: – Chrome – Your portal/OfficeLine credentials  
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