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Share links to folders can be created within the web portal, from the desktop client, or from a mobile device.

To send a share link to a folder:

  1. In the web portal, right-click folder and select Share.ShareFolder1.pngOr, if you are working within the desktop client, right-click the folder, point to the SyncedTool menu, and select Share link.FullMenu.pngThe Share Access dialog box displays.ShareAccess_Folder.png
  2. In the Share Access dialog box, configure settings for sharing the link, including:
    1. The Secure Share option, which requires each recipient to log in with his or her unique credentials.
    2. The Public Share option, which sends a publicly available share link to the folder. If you create a public share link, you can also select the Allow anonymous users to edit files checkbox to allow users to edit files within the folder using the Collaborative Web Editor.
    3. The Share Options settings, which allow you to:
      • Select whether the share link will expire after a certain date
      • Set a limit for the total number of times items in the folder can be downloaded
      • Turn on email notifications for when the share is downloaded
    4. The Share With settings, which allow you to specify share recipients and set permissions for each of these users. This section is only required if you are sending a secure share link. Alternatively, for public share links, you can optionally copy the share link and send it to desired collaborators through third-party communication tools.
    5. The Permissions settings, which let you set the following permissions:
      • Can Modify permissions allow the specified user to edit files within the folder using the Collaborative Web Editor. Can Modify also lets users upload files into the folder.
      • Can Delete permissions allow the user to delete files within the shared folder.
  3. Click the Share button save your changes. You will be redirected to a confirmation page.
  4. Click the Delete button to cancel your configurations and delete the share link.Note: If you reopen and edit the share link, you will see a Cancel button, which will close the dialog box, but will not delete the share link.
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