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As the system captures emails a quarantine email will be sent to your box from Barracuda Networks <> .  The Quarantine email is scheduled to send an email hourly from 7am-8pm every hour, if there is a quarantine email, if no email is held for quarantine no notification will be sent.  An example of the quarantine email is below:

MANAGE QUARANTINE: This link will automatically log you in to your spam account where you can modify your settings.

  • Message Log (List of emails: All, Blocked, quarantined)
  • Quarantine Notification schedule
  • Your Personal “Exempt” List

Actions: On individual quarantined emails you have a list of actions you can perform form this email:

  • Deliver (deliver the email to your inbox without adding it to the allow list)
  • Allow List (this will add the email address to your Allow/Exempt list and deliver the email.
  • Block (Add to Block list, and prevent it from showing in quarantine email)

VIEW MESSAGE LOG       – Link to your Message log where you can see all external emails that have been sent to you, whether blocked, allowed or quarantined)

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